WordPress Plugins & Plugin Development

Why We Love WordPress

At Envoke Web Design Portland we love working with WordPress and highly recommend it as a highly versatile solution for managing your website.  WordPress has transformed the way many developers and web designers approach our industry. After our hard work and efforts to bring your business to a strong web presence it’s extremely satisfying to hand over a product that you can easily manage in the end.


It Gets better! WordPress Can Serve You

  • Open Source – Being an open platform, WordPress offers a huge array of ready accessible tools and extensions that can help get the job done.
  • Content Management System – We often hear our clients refer to WordPress as being “as easy to manage as my Facebook account”. We talk WordPress, so leave the molding of your custom WordPress design to us and in the end you will be able to edit and manipulate the content on your page with ease. There’s no need for additional software of difficult learning curves.
  • Not For Blogs! – Well… sort of. WordPress earned a lot of its initial popularity as a blogging platform, but has long ago perfected and surpassed basic blogging and grown to show its true colors as a content management system. WordPress powers over 50% of websites that use some form of Content Management System and Over 18% of the ENTIRE World Wide Web! Impressive statistics like that are encourage developers like us to take advantage of the powerful, open source platform WordPress has become.

Our Plugins

In the event that you need WordPress to do something it doesn’t quite do out of the box, plugins can be created to extend it’s functionality. A full list of our plugins is available below. You can also find our plugins through our profile on WordPress.org