Battle for the Net and Internet Neutrality!

It is imperative that we take the time and that YOU take the time to raise awareness, raise a voice, or raise a first against one of the biggest threats the world wide web has ever faced. Yes, stop whatever it is you’re doing right now and visit The Battle for the Net and sign the petition in support to protect the freedom of the internet.

If you’re unaware of what’s happening, internet service providers (ISP) have placed an attack on the internet. Apparently the absurdly high prices we pay for our internet isn’t enough and these ISPs want to throttle speeds and create ‘slow lanes’ those who aren’t willing (or able) to pay a premium. Essentially unless you’re willing or able to pay the premium then the internet as we know it will change for the worse and we’ll be faced with slower load times on the majority of the web.

Don’t take our word for it.. take John’s



Take Action!

Great- You followed the link and signed the petition right? GOOD! Now that you’ve contributed your daily dose of freedom fighting and you’re now my personal hero, it is worth saying that the fight isn’t over. The battle for internet neutrality is an ongoing one.

What is Internet Neutrality

In laymen’s terms: Net Neutrality is a battle for internet rights and freedoms and our ability to communicate online freely.

And what this means for you is that cable companies want to slow down and throttle your internet access unless website owners but they’re way into a ‘fast-lane’. It gets worse as there is another element to this ordeal that not only restricts the access speeds, but also the kind of access you have. These ISPs claim that they’re providing a ‘boost’ to those who pay the premium instead of ‘bottle-necking’ the rest of the web- which is a blatant lie! There is no way that this benefits us, you, or the underlying principals of the world wide web.

We Are Our Only Hope

We’re all connected. We’re all plugged into our social media streams, so please, do us ALL a favor and share this information for the world to see. The time to voice is now! If we don’t then we condemn ourselves to a life of leading screens and technology that surpasses us unless we’re pay an arm an a leg for it which is against part of the beauty behind internet and how almost anyone can access the web of information at anytime. The darker side to this equation is the vagueness of what these ISPs are claiming and the reality is it is uncertain costs and completely at the discretion and mercy of the ISP.

Lastly it is worth mentioning that these petitions do have an impact. The FCC is required to act int he interest of the public and when they do the opposite the could actually be not upholding the law.

For more information on how to help protect the net visit Fight For The Future.

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