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We’re proud to announce our first plugin release WordPress Directory. We are very excited about this release as it is the first of many more to come. We have a hand full of plugins near ready for public consumption so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on future releases. We believe this is a wonderful way for us to contribute back to the wonderful community of developers and extensions we’ve utilized in the past. Now its our chance to give back a little. You see we often find ourselves working on client projects with unique needs and requirements that often encourages a lot of custom integration; why not extend this resources to the public (you!) and hopefully save someone trouble and headache of starting from scratch.

We’re proud to announce…

Envoke Supersized WordPress Background Slideshow Plugin

Our “Supersized” background slideshow extension is now available for download from the WordPress Plugins Directory!

More information on this plugin can be found here : Envoke Supersized

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, opinions and especially a review or rating on the WordPress Plugin page if it was useful for you.

More to Come

This is our first official plugin release. Hopefully its just a tease as we have many ideas brewing here in the think-tank. Here are some upcoming extensions that will be available sooner than you think:

  • Supersized Plugin – This can be downloaded above, however we have lots of ideas to improve and expand it so certainly keep an eye out for updates including premium customization options and plugin control. Many feature requests are encouraging us to put this in our spotlight so as we continue to focus on new features don’t hesitate to send us and ideas for improvement.
  • Google Calendar Plugin – Featuring Google Calendar to WordPress integration with unique ways to display weekly events or a monthly overview.
  • Super Secret SEO focused plugin – So secret we can’t even tell you about it. All we can reveal about it’s excellency is that it will be a must have critical extension if you want the most out of your SEO…. stay tuned!
  • MORE TO COME – Theres just a few items on this list for now, but its growing fast… hints our excitement. So many ideas and so little time so bare with us!

A unique WordPress idea of your own?

Is WordPress not fulfilling your every need and desire? Wish there was a way to extend it to encompass or tailer to your needs?
We can help!

Sure, these ideas can translate to some complex execution, but don’t let that keep you from reaching out to us with those needs. Often times it takes partnering with an agency such as Envoke Design to execute the idea and market it to the world without that initial startup foundation to hire such services. If your idea has been such down by a quote or proposal then don’t let that deter you away from making it happen. Let us know your ideas and hopefully we can find a way to help, market it together, or maybe even turn it into a partnering product!

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